full guide about fiverr keyword research

Keyword are common phrases that are used by buyer when they are looking for any service. 

If you are a seller then you have a basic idea that how to use Keywords.

However today I walk over you to the ultimate method so, you can easily embed these keyword in your gig title, description, and packages. 

Well, Keyword entirely categories in two parts for better understanding. 

One is highly competitive (Already tons of seller fighting) and 

another is low competitive (An open area for you to grow your fiverr account and achieve success)

High-Competitive Keyword Examples

Remember, These keyword are highly competitive. Already have Lakhs of people working on these keyword . So, chance of getting your order is very less.

Example 1 : I will design Shopify store with in 24 hour

Example 2 : I will design logo for any website or ecommerce website

Example 3 : I will do any type of SEO Optimized Article writing

You know these are very common keyword and has well commend by every seller . So, a reason competition is already at high level and your number is obviously last. These is no chance of getting order very soon as you think. 

Now the concept is that how's you doing indeed you precise a right solution to reach on your first order as fast as possible . 

An positive affirmation that every coin have two sides . So, you need to flip yourself and get indulge into low competition area. So, your chance quite increase of getting your very first Fiverr order in the first week of gig creation.

For that you need to do proper keyword research and find some of the best Long tail keyword that have straight forward and vividly fall in low competition.

Here's a Example of Low Competitive Keywords

These are special keywords search by buyers who have intensive desire of purchasing a service.

You can easily target these keyword by making a deep research inside your niche. Of course this will take time and efforts to knowing that what actually buyer searching. 

But we have some proven techniques or method that help you to mesmerize these keyword by spending your few hours in research.

We apply here Onion Strategy to find these most powerful keyword. This ultimate method have power to change your whole life of Fiverr today.

Before get to know the main trick . First acknowledge with some perfect example of Low competitive keywords. 

Example 1 : I will clone shopify website or transfer,migrate pages by gemspages,pagefly,shougun

Example 2 : I will create a premium beauty or fashion shopify website store design

Example 3 : I will design or fix shopify landing page,sales page,product page design

Steps of using onion strategy for finding keywords

Here we understand the full process of this method by taking an example of eCommerce niche. 

You could apply the same method on your won niche which you have skilled.

Why i am given onion name to this method or strategy?

you know onion have layers and thus  just like onion you to go more deeper and deeper by outing the layer of your niche and find a perfect and highly targeted and low competitive keywords.

So lets start ..

You know e-commerce is very big filed and under these many companies involves where you can design you store and go online to sell the product and service.

Few of the popular examples here of where you can setup your eCommerce platform . 

Woo-commerce powered by WordPress, Wix , Weebly, prestashop, Shopify and many others.

You have to what just choose one platform and like i expertise in Shopify and around the Shopify I Use all the platform to get my Fiverr leads and earn lots of money by putting very less effort.

Here is the clear example for better understanding .

Example 1 : I will migrate wix or weebly store to Shopify.

Example 2 : I will migrate WordPress or Prestashop ecommerce store to Shopify.

This is the deepest layer where have very low competition and high demand of buyer. Once you create your gig by doing research like i shown in examples then you have very high change to get your Fiverr first order in a very first day. 

Now the question is that how you do research and find the deepest layer of your niche.

So what you have to do first simply search root phrase on fiverr search box.

Root phrase like Design Shopify Store. 

Once you did you job then you avail thousand of results like that

Fiverr results
Fiverr keyword research result

Here's the list of gigs those are ranking on  root phrase. Now what you have to do that visualize these gigs and open them in separate tab either you look a gig title have something interesting and used uncommon keywords.

Next step visit to the profile of the gigs that you open in separate tab and Look that person all gigs so  you get an idea what was actually they're doing to get orders. Once you go through 10 to 15 gigs profiles and watch all the gigs inside profile . I'm pretty sure, you collect 3 to 4 best title for your gig creation and The same time you note these title in a safe document

Now, time come when you go more deeper on the basis of the research you get it done.

Well you have at least 4 low competitive keyword right now in your pocket. The next turn is to search these keyword in the search bar of fiverr again and repeat the same process of analyzing the profile of seller ranked on these 4 keywords. By doing that you get your actual keyword and more precise keyword those have very low competition. 

This is my own method that I'm using past 4 years for now. It's work perfectly and hope it's also a very helpful for you. 

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