Use Of Social Media To Get Your Order On Fiverr

All social media being a right platform to generate leads whether it's your own service website or you're working on freelancing website like fiverr. 

A good mind set and problem solving mentality help you in every step of life . Even though people love to know more about you and connecting with you for business purpose very happily.

Now the thing how you use social media to turn a visitor into fiverr sales . 

So, here is the concept we need to discuss first is which social media does you use to get the fiverr business.

Well I go through some of the popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

We go through them respectively and understanding the exact process that how you have been using these Social media channel to engage people.

Note : Before apply these tips & tactics you have to be fully skilled inside your profession and does have all the knowledge so, you can guide people about the problem does they had these days.

So, Lets come and be first start with Facebook

How Would You Turn Facebook Audience into money making scheme

Yup, Facebook had intense number audience and basically you can found these people inside the groups. 

Many of business minded people created groups right these days on Facebook and manage these group on arranging same skill set people at one place. So, an audience build up to drive business in a legit way.

Now, you have to do what , just join these groups upon your skills. 

Please don't request to join 100 of group in a same otherwise Facebook take it as a spam and block your account.

Do the things in very polite manner . Send 7 to 10 request a day. Most of group admin would accept you join request with in 2 to 7 hours.

Great!! Once you joined in the many group as possible then you answer the question of the people what they had problem. 

Here is the one thing that you need to remember is don't offer your service direct in group feed. Indeed, admin would throwing you out of the group.

You do smart work . Manage your own profile like a way, you are professional and on daily basis put the ultimate content on you Facebook account.

So, here is the chance when someone got solution from you in the group feed then surely he or she visit on your profile and looking what you're doing in your profession. 

Once anyone visit on your Facebook profile then the positive impression would flow and a higher chance the person shall direct inbox you to get the service.

It's up to here , Now the next social media platform that we gonna discuss is Instagram.

The Real Truth of Instagram Marketing 

Instagram marketing blown these days. people are earning a good amount from Instagram without paying a single penny. 

There are many ways of Instagram marketing. You have to choose one for you and be regular on it.

The first and very important step is choosing a niche before doing Instagram marketing. 

Niche is like Sports, fashion, Travelling, Lifestyle, Pets and many others based on your interest.

Why I am saying interest ?

If you're doing the thing where you're interested then people love it and make a clear connection with when you update new video or photo on Instagram.

Second thing is that you could follow your passion and a reason you're not tried of doing the work on Instagram. Thus continuity maintain and you develop a great content that have lot of power to engage people visiting on your Instagram profile .

Here is one thing we discuss is niche . Now the next process is what you have to do post Daily content on Instagram and daily follow 100 people. So, They get back to your profile and follow you back. 

Once you're following daily 100 people then 10% of people follow you back if your feed have rush and something interest who touch the heart of visitor.  

Just like that at the end of month you have 1000 to 3000 followers onto your Instagram handle. 

Now it's the time, you market your product or service to these people because they are targeted audience who love to purchase the item co-related to your niche.

Here : Full Guide How To Sell E-commerce Drop-shipping Product On Instagram 

LinkedIn Marketing Offer Drastic Business Opportunity at free of cost

Linkedin is only the real place of educated people on all social media. Here you could easily found the opportunity to connect with B2B leading agency.

This is also a great lead generation platform for B2C agencies. What you have to do just put great content . Specially video content . So, more people would like to connect with and walk over with eternal desire to grasp the knowledge that you share.

On the other side you create your paid course or Teach people one to one and acknowledge them. 

The best part is here you sell them you fiverr gig and they would happily purchase with you because they know the power of knowledge. 

Tweeting is the best career and every person in this world have ability to tech their lower level community and charge them a reasonable fee.  

But remember one thing, you have also going to be continue your learning and accomplish themselves with more great skill. 

Just like you're selling your knowledge . Whilst invest on yourself if you look someone is more better than you and 20% of your earning invest on your study performance and skill development. 

Thus you have more knowledge to share with your audience and like a way you're a earning more health and wealth . Although your mission is to be Learn and earn .

Indeed , The world may go more beautiful and given you all the thing that you necessary to move forward.

So, do your work and The power of nature and god always with you.

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